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PhoneSearchr's reverse phone lookup is your personal caller-ID system. PhoneSearchr's reverse phone number search accesses hundreds of millions of phone book and public records to help locate the owner's name, address, time zone, phone carrier, and other public information. Find anyone by cell phone, mobile, or landline today!

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Unknown callers, bill collectors, crazy ex's, long lost friends...that's just a few of the types of calls you probably receive. Whether it's a cell phone or land line we've got you covered when it comes to finding out who's on the other end of that phone call. With our database of over a billion records you can feel confident that our reverse phone number search will locate the information you need.

PhoneSearchr uses a proprietary search and location feature to find the most current public records available. With a membership you can perform unlimited searches every month or take advantage of our one time records search. Each search will return the owner's name, age, address, phone carrier, historical locations and possible relatives.